Our region will surprise you with its gastronomy but also with its traditional Basque drinks.
For a little refreshment during your stay at the Laminak Hotel in the Basque Country, we suggest you try some of them by our heated swimming pool or on our terrace with a view of the Basque mountains.

Etxeko Bob’s Beer

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Passion for hops and true respect for traditional beer 

Etxeko Bob’s Beer (“Bob’s Home Made Beer” in Anglo-Basque) is a small craft brewery located in Hasparren, in the heart of the Basque Country, created by the Englishman, Basque by adoption, Bob Worboys.
Today he is supported by four equally passionate Bobs, most of whom are Basque-French.

For twelve years now, the Bobs have been making a range of characterful beers using the best natural ingredients and long and careful brewing processes. In accordance with the ancient laws of purity dating back to the Middle Ages, the Bobs’ beers contain only GMO-free (genetically modified organism) barley and wheat malts, hops, yeast and the real spring water of Hasparren: Ursuya.

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Etxeko Bob’s Beer is now composed of a range of about ten beers, each with its own strong identity and characteristics, and a design inspired by the 1930s.

The Brewery opens its doors all year round to visit the distillery and discover the art of traditional brewing. On request, you can also enjoy a tasting session.

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Bob Worboys and his team at the brewhouse

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AOC Irouléguy : quality wines

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The picturesque vineyards of Irouléguy, one of the smallest in France and the only one in the French Basque Country, lie in the south-western part of France in the heart of the Basque Country.
The appellation covers 232 hectares of vines planted in 12 communes around Saint Etienne de Baigorry and Saint Jean Pied de Port. It is run by about fifty winegrowers, and produces an average of one million bottles per year.

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The Cave d’Irouleguy produces its wine, which was recognised as an AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) in 1970. The aim of this cellar is to produce a wine of character in a cooperative spirit and with respect for tradition.

A must in the gastronomic heritage of the Basque Country, Irouleguy wine is second only to Bayonne ham and sheep’s cheese. The grapes are available in 3 wines: red, white and rosé.

A little history on this famous Basque wine:

It all began in 1952, when nine winegrowers from the Basque Country joined forces to create a cooperative whose aim was to rebuild a vineyard destroyed by phylloxera
(A type of aphid that ravages the vine) and by the passage of the First World War.  Today the Cave d’Irouléguy has 42 cooperative members in the AOC Irouléguy, and its aim is to perpetuate the reputation of this part of the Basque Country and to promote its favourite product, wine.

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Vineyard of Irouleguy

In order to improve viticultural techniques, the Irouléguy winery has been carrying out a study for two years on the impact of the climate on plant growth.
With its innovations, the winery is very involved in the preservation of the ecosystem.
All the members of the cooperative wish to keep a healthy and preserved environment that will allow the younger generations to work in the best conditions.
At the same time, the winery invests heavily in high-performance equipment to guarantee the perfect quality of its products.

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Among the typical drinks of the Basque Country, Kupela revisits the cider

This brand of Basque cider was created by two young, passionate entrepreneurs, Xalbat Seosse Oxarango and Batien Dufau.
They have set themselves the mission of rediscovering this ancestral drink and have started to produce it with the help of the master cider maker from Astigarraga (Spanish Basque Country), Agustín Etxeberria.

Le Pays Basque et ces boissons typiques | Hôtel Laminak
Xalbat Seosse Oxarango and Bastien Dufau

While preserving ancestral know-how, with a desire to innovate, the drinks are a subtle blend of tradition and a touch of modernity, made from apples of local varieties.

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The name and logo of the latter were inspired by
inspired by the whale hunters’ boats that stored their cider in barrels
barrels called “Kupela” in Basque.

With no additives and little alcohol, Kupela cider is the festive and healthy drink par excellence. Thanks to a slow and natural fermentation of the apple must in the Kupela, the master cider maker gives birth to a fresh and fruity drink with intense flavours while keeping the slight acidity of the apple.
Kupela also offers a 100% natural artisanal apple juice made from Anixa apples, the most popular variety used in the Basque Country. After being harvested, they are carefully sorted, crushed and pressed to extract the juice. Its natural deposit gives this juice the flavour and aroma of freshly pressed apples.

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No added sugar, no colouring, no preservatives.

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*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, alcoholic drinks should be consumed in moderation.