Our Eco-responsible approach

Why this approach?

Our hotel Laminak is committed to a concrete ecological approach, in order to reduce our impact on nature, preserve natural resources and limit pollution.
Our objectives are simple to implement:

  • We save energy and water
  • We reduce our waste production and recycle it
  • We collect your waste for recycling
  • We improve the local environment
  • We prefer short circuits

We are happy to share this advantage with you and we keep at your disposal the details of our approach in our documentation as well as at the Front Desk.

The information available in your room will help you to understand some of the practices.
As they do not present any constraints for you, they only serve to respect our environment.
More than a fad, ecology is a necessary change in terms of protecting natural resources, but also in terms of economies.

We were inspired by the directives of the Green Key, a label officially recognized in France and in Europe.
For several months now, various actions have already been carried out and many others remain to come.

Our actions in favour of the environment

We organize the selective collect of our waste so that it can be recycled as much as possible

  • Our waste such as: paper, newspapers and magazines, cardboard, glass, ink cartridges, printers and photocopiers, batteries, plastics, metals including cans, textiles…
  • Green waste is taken to the composting landfill
  • All polluting, electronic & bulky waste is taken to the waste centre
  • We use recycled paper, organic and eco-labelled articles as a priority
  • We recycle Nespresso coffee capsules
  • We recycle the plastic caps, and drop them off at the association Bouchon d’amour
  • We carry out self-monitoring of energy (gas and electricity) and water consumption
  • Our hotel has been declared asbestos-free on an unpolluted site
  • We maintain and enhance the green spaces of our hotel with explanations
  • Every year, we plant at least one tree around the hotel
  • All employees participated at least once a year in an awareness meeting on our policy of taking the environment into account
  • We inform our guests of the actions taken to take the environment into account in our hotel and encourage them to participate in them
  • Display of simple energy and water saving actions
  • Rainwater collector
  • Charging station for electric cars since 2016 and use of electric lawnmower
  • Implementation of environmental actions according to changes
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