Basque specialities

Lifting lids, discover the aromas of the cuisine and the true Basque cuisine. There campaign, traditional, which like other cuisines of the southwest and the sea with fish and shellfish.


CHILI of Espelette :
A Espelette , the last weekend of October, the chili is king. That is to say if this little vegetable is part of Basque cuisine. There are a dozen varieties. Green, young and slightly spicy, it is consumed, eg omelette. Chopped, seasoned and it enters into the composition of many recipes. Ripe, turned red, it will be dried and powdered. It will replace advantageously pepper and give a tonic accent in some recipes without altering the flavor. Basque houses are often decorated with braids red peppers, real strings that are all notes of gaiety.


fromage de brebis


Basque country produces wonderful cheeses of sheep, some smooth, others rustic. In shepherds’ huts ( cayolars ) for generations, making cheese from sheep requires the same steps (filtration, coagulation, separation of whey … ) and the same utensils ( pots , copper whip holly, elderberry sticks , wooden mold … ) It is possible to acquire during the summer. cheeses manufactured industrially represent the largest production and are greatly appreciated throughout France.

gâteau basque

THe basque CAKE :
There are almost as much variety as village pastry or restaurateurs.
Traditionally soft pastry, Basque cake is topped with black attacks Itaxssou, or possibly jam these fruits. These have become rare and the most known variants today are filled with almond-flavored custard.

jambonHAM OF Bayonne :
Designed around the Basque Country ham is rubbed with coarse salt. It is allowed to dry 6 months to 1 year. Some breeders and meat curing the Basque country, eager to restore its reputation in the true Bayonne ham created the label ” Ibaiona.”

THe patxaran :
The patxaran is a liqueur made ​​from wild apple and anise liqueur. Search for a particular taste, some recipes call for the addition of two coffee beans, in addition to two vanilla beans needed. Then allowed to macerate all ingredients 3 to 5 months before tasting this particular typical digestive.


THE irouleguy WINE :
The wine irouleguy, under the impulse of some producer in the region of Saint Etienne de Baïgorry, stabilized around some hills that form a production area (150 hectares ) protected by a label. Creating a wine cooperative has enabled the development of a consistent quality performance.

palombethE PIGEON (PALOMBE) :
The Pyrenean passes are forcing a passage for wood pigeons, doves renamed in south-western France. In the Basque Country, more than a hobby, hunting dove is the tradition
Les Chiperons

Les Chiperons :
The chiperons ( squid ) are close to the Atlantic coast at the time of reproduction. They are very popular in the local cuisine.

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