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The French Basque Country is a surfing mecca, and one of the most popular destinations in Europe for those new to the sport.  Hotel holidays on the Basque coast are for many the opportunity to discover surfing or for the passionate to face new spots and different waves.

The best spots in the Basque Country to start surfing during holidays

With an instructor, you will have an accelerated progression in complete safety. It is even possible, if you are at an intermediate or advanced level, to have a surf guide to access the best spots in a region you don’t know.

To avoid being a beginner for too long, take a few hours of surfing lessons to get to know your front foot, perfect your basics and avoid those bad habits that are hard to break.

There is a surf school on almost every beach. Children, adults, beginners and advanced surfers are taught there. Some schools are certified by the French Surfing Federation (FFS) and thus guarantee the quality of their services.

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The Laminak hotel, an ideal location for a surf stay in Biarritz

When you’re a beginner, it’s not easy to know which beaches offer the most accessible waves adapted to your level. That’s why we have listed the best beaches for beginners. Discover the best spots for you.

Bidart centre

The central beach of Bidart is a good beach for beginners. It’s a beach break, which means that the waves break on a sandy bottom, which is perfect for beginners who don’t want to take risks. We recommend going at low tide (so you can get a foothold everywhere) and when the swell is less than 1 metre.


This spot located in Guéthary is quite complete because its conditions allow surfers of all levels to have fun. For beginners, it is better to stay south of the beach. It is a reef break, which means that the waves break on a rocky bottom, so you have to be careful. Cenitz beach can only be surfed at high tide, which makes it so special and attracts many surfers. We therefore advise you to go there only when the tide is high and the swell does not exceed 1 metre.


Parlementia beach is also located in Guéthary, 20 minutes drive from Biarritz and 10 minutes from the Laminak hotel. This spot is usually reserved for the more experienced, but when the waves are small, it is perfectly suitable for beginners. Beware of the rocks at low tide. The spot is accessible to beginners when the swell does not exceed 1 metre.

Basque Coast

This beach in Biarritz is very popular with beginners and experienced surfers. Indeed, many surf schools are located on the northern part of the beach. Its idyllic setting, beach break and surfing culture have made it one of the best known and most popular beaches in the region.

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Advanced surfers, book your surfing holidays in Biarritz

The Basque Coast is a major surfing destination with fifteen or so beaches where surfing is king. People come from everywhere, even to catch the wave at Les Cavaliers or Les Corsaires in Anglet, on the Côte des Basques in Biarritz, Parlementia in Bidart-Guéthary, Lafitenia in Saint Jean de Luz. 

The folds and rocks of the tormented relief of the coast offer different waves every day. In summer and winter, you can choose between urban or wild surfing.

The Cavaliers beach, Biarritz

The Cavaliers beach is located in a town near Biarritz and is known as a particularly interesting surfing destination, both for sportsmen and for families. There are many green areas and playgrounds for the little ones nearby, and the beach is supervised in summer. However, for surfing, it is better to choose autumn and spring, as the beach tends to be crowded in the summer season.

The main attraction of the Cavaliers is that the waves are particularly impressive, which attracts professionals from all over the world. In addition, numerous competitions are held here every year, which has created its solid international reputation.

Lafitenia, Saint-Jean-de-Luz

If we are talking about mythical spots, then Lafitenia deserves to be in this ranking. It is the favourite spot of many locals, with its long straight line that can stretch for a hundred metres! It is also one of the only point breaks on the Atlantic coast. But what is a point break? It is when the wave breaks on the sand or on the rocks. This spot is therefore not recommended for beginners, because you have to paddle for a long time to reach the wave and it is quite fast.

However, this beach is a jewel of nature: there are few buildings around and the greenery is omnipresent! No wonder it is so popular with surfers from all over the world.

Beach of the 100 steps, Bidart

Located at the bottom of the Erretegia cliff, this beach is rather difficult to access, but this spot is particularly pleasant to surf, surrounded by a green nature. It is suitable for all levels of surfers, but please note that it is not supervised! Particularly pleasant at mid-tide, if you like peace and quiet, this is the ideal place!

Séjour surf à Bidart

During your surf stay in Biarritz,Indulge of the surfing lifestyle

The quality of the waves, the coefficient of the tides and the direction of the wind are the major concerns of a surfer. Those that define the rhythm of his day. But in addition to the pure surfing lifestyle, there is also the savoir-vivre. And particularly on the Basque Coast, where tradition and modernity, local food and travel flavors, peace and party spirit, all blend together.

Hotel Laminak Biarritz Arbonne, surf stay for beginners in Biarritz

Hotel Laminak, a hotel for a colorful surf stay experience.

Surf School 

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The Laminak, a hotel in Biarritz ranked among the best boutique establishments in the Basque Country

Coming to the Laminak to spend your summer vacations is to ensure that you will have an exceptional time. However, it is important to choose the right hotel in Biarritz.

At the boutique hotel Le Laminak Biarritz Arbonne everything is done to make your stay in the Basque Country as pleasant as possible. Indeed, its top-of-the-range services and its exceptional location are undeniable assets. Located nearby beaches and famous surf spots like Bidart, Guétharry, Ilbarritz

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