Where to find the most beautiful beaches in Biarritz?

Going on holiday in the Basque Country is first and foremost the assurance of enjoying dream beaches. Do you want to swim in the sea, surf in the waves or go for a paddle?

No other French department on the Atlantic coast has so little exposure to the sea. With only 30 kilometres of coastline, the Atlantic Pyrenees and the Biarritz region are a small dot on the map of the French Atlantic coastline. However, these 30 kilometres are home to one of the most beautiful shores in France: the Basque coast. This coast is made up of a succession of beaches, rocks and cliffs that give it a bewitching charm and allow it to attract many sea bathers every summer.

Less than 5 km from the Laminak Biarritz Arbonne hotel, you can visit the most beautiful beaches in the Basque Country, from Bayonne to Hendaye, via Anglet, the bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and the Corniche Basque. Come and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches of the Atlantic coast with exceptional natural settings.

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Basque Country: the "top 7" most beautiful beaches for swimming this summer!

With friends or family, the lifeguard posts allow you to enjoy the Basque beaches in complete safety. For surfers, enjoy some of the best spots in the country.
As you walk along the coastline, you will discover the many beaches of Biarritz. Between sand and rocks, the most Californian of European cities offers many beaches with different charms.

White sand beaches, rocks and pebbles, wild or disciplined, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a sportsman, a surfer, a family member or a lover, the beaches around Biarritz and those of the Basque coast will charm you…

Good to know before choosing the beach of the Basque Country which corresponds to you:
Among the best spots on the coast are the Cavaliers beach in Anglet and the Alcyons beach in Guéthary, but it is advisable to be an experienced surfer! Rocks, waves and currents are what await you! You can also go there to enjoy the show.
If you are looking for peace and quiet, the beaches of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Ciboure are very large and there is certainly room for everyone. Some of Bidart’s beaches are good for swimming but others have strong currents and big waves.

Safety on the beautiful beaches of Biarritz

The ocean is alive and sometimes surprising. Be careful by following the warning signs. They alert you to the risks you are running and guarantee your safety.

  • A bright red flag means “swimming prohibited”,
  • A yellow-orange flag means “dangerous but supervised swimming”,
  • A green flag means “supervised swimming without any particular danger”.

And an ideal location close to the most beautiful beaches of the Basque Country
A stay in the Basque Country is first and foremost the assurance of enjoying dream beaches. Only a few kilometres from the hotel, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches of the Atlantic coast with exceptional natural settings.

With friends or family, the lifeguard posts allow you to enjoy the Basque beaches in complete safety. For surfers, enjoy some of the best spots in the country.

Discover the seven most beautiful beaches near Biarritz

Before it became one of the most exclusive seaside resorts in the Basque Country, Biarritz was a small fishing port.

It is also the most famous seaside resort in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, being only a few dozen kilometres from the Landes department, with its immense pine forests and large dunes with endless beaches.

As far as the beaches of Biarritz are concerned, you have the choice of spending a holiday in this resort.

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Bidart - The beach of Erretegia

Among the most beautiful beaches near Biarritz, Erretegia beach in Bidart is not to be missed! Situated between two cliffs, this beach offers a rare natural setting with water that is close to turquoise. This beach is also the starting point of the coastal path that leads to Hendaye.
In summer, swimming is supervised but it remains dangerous because of the presence of many rocks.

The beach of Ilbarritz

At the foot of the Ilbarritz manor house, from which it takes its name, this beach located to the north of Bidart is without doubt one of the most picturesque beaches on the coast. In the heart of a natural setting and with its fine sand, almost 300 metres long, it attracts surfers, both experienced and beginners, who can enrol in one of the surf schools on the beach.

It also attracts families who can swim in complete safety, as there is supervision during the season. Our golfing friends can also enjoy the breathtaking views from holes 4 and 6 of the Ilbarritz Golf Course.

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Biarritz - La Grande Plage

In the heart of Biarritz city centre, the Grande Plage is the most famous beach in the Basque Country. Bordered by a promenade with terraces and cafes, it attracts many tourists.
Despite its location, this beach manages to keep its charm with a view of the beautiful buildings of the city in a magnificent setting, which makes it the most exclusive seaside resort of the Basque Country.
Tourists can rent colourful tents here and enjoy the fact that the beach is supervised for swimming.

Biarritz - The Côte des Basques

Different from the Grande Plage, the Côte des Basques in Biarritz is favoured by surfers. On this long sandy beach with its exceptional setting, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas of the region with the view of the Spanish coast and the mountains in the background.
It has twice won the award for the most beautiful beach in France, according to Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice beaches.

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Guéthary - The beach of Parlementia

Just outside Bidart, Guéthary, a small fishing village, is home to several beaches with an exceptional landscape. Among these, just next to the port, the beach of Parlementia and its world-famous waves are very appreciated by surfers. Its natural environment is what makes it so charming. Although the beach is not very busy, ensuring peace and quiet, swimming is not supervised.

Guétary - The beach of Cénitz

In a wilder setting, this beach welcomes surfers and swimmers, but also hikers, allowing you to be as close to nature as possible. Located in the heart of a wild area, the Cénitz beach in Guéthary is made up of sand and pebbles which gives it its authenticity. Ideal for those who are looking for a relaxing place.

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La grand Plage in Saint Jean de Luz in Basque country

Saint-Jean de Luz - La grande plage

With its large beach right in the centre of town, Saint Jean de Luz attracts families thanks to the Atlantic Ocean, which is controlled by three dykes that make swimming calm and allow children to swim without having to face dangerous waves.

This is probably the reason why many families come to the beach of Saint Jean de Luz.

Moreover, the view from the beach is extraordinary, with picturesque houses with Basque charm on one side and the seaside resort of Ciboure with its fort on the other.

Outside the town and up to the commune of Guéthary, there are several sandy beaches, offering diversity for all, including surfers who will find a wave to suit their level.

La grand Plage in Saint Jean de Luz in Basque country

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